Come arrivareHow to get here from Milan Central Station by public transport:

the airport shuttle buses stop at Central Station, Milan, from where you can take a train to Varenna (on the eastern shore of the lake, directly across from Bellagio).*
Note that the notice boards show the final destination of trains and not intermediate stations. For trains to Lecco and Varenna the final destination of the train is either Sondrio or Tirano.
You have to cross the lake to get from Varenna to Bellagio. If you have a lot of luggage you can take a taxi from the station square to reach the pier, otherwise it's only 10 minutes on foot…downhill!
You can choose either the boat or ferry - both take 15 minutes, the only difference is the point of arrival at the Bellagio. The ferry dock and boat/hydrofoil landing stage in Bellagio are a 5-minute walk away from each other, both right in the centre of the town.

By public transport:
1.Linate / Milan Central Station: public bus service to Milan Central Station  - tickets are sold on board.

Take the train for Sondrio or Tirano and get off at Varenna.