In the historic centre of Bellagio you can visit  Villa Melzi and the gardens of Villa Serbelloni, the twelfth century Basilica di San Giacomo and the Romanesque church of San Giorgio.
Enjoy the view from Punta Spartivento, which divides Lake Como into three branches: Lecco on the right, Como to the left and straight ahead the northern part of the lake, all surrounded by the Prealpine mountain chain so wonderfully described by Alessandro Manzoni in his celebrated novel I Promessi Sposi (The Betrothed).
Discover other fascinating curiosities such as the stone column that shows the flood levels of the lake, or plaques in memory of stays in Bellagio by Franz Liszt and Alessandro Volta. Leave the old town and discover its many outlying hamlets:

  • in Pescallo admire the wonderful panorama of the eastern shore, surrounded by mountains, in the background the rocky peaks of the Grigna (2410m).
  • In the charming fishing village of San Giovanni there is a Museum of Navigation Instruments, the church of San Giovanni Battista, the first to be built on the Bellagio shoreline and the canoeing school that has produced six world champions. San Giovanni is also the home of the only Fishing Tourism Centre in Bellagio; you can sample the fresh fish caught in the lake.
  • In Loppia admire the ancient "gondolas" moored in the port and the Romanesque church of Santa Maria di Loppia.
  • Monte San Primo (1,685m) has alpine pastures in summer and snow-capped peaks in the winter.